About Alyssa

Thank you all so much for checking out my work!

I have struggled a good deal of my life trying to find my "thing". The problem is I don't want a "thing", I want all the things. My background is in Graphic Design, Creative Writing, and Music, so, why not add just one more thing, right? My style of photography is everything. It's how I feel when I'm taking the picture, how I'm seeing it, how I feel like it should be afterwards, in ten different ways. My goal is to incorporate you in your environment being the most INTERESTING person/s in the picture. Being the most yourself, being the most awesome version of you to help you visualize YOURSELF in the perfect form that you are.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in booking a session :)

I have no limitations or preferences and am up for any task!

Email: PhotographyByAlyssaAskew@gmail.com
Phone: 508.560.0509


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Photography By Alyssa Askew

My Weasie Boy <3 R.I.P

My Weasie Boy <3 R.I.P

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